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Manitou Mezzer Pro

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  • Manitou Mezzer forks at Dirt Merchant Bicycles! Run something other than a Lyrik or 38, the new Mezzer is up to the task!

    27.5" forks are available in 44mm and 37mm offset.
    29" forks are available in 51mm and 44mm offset.

    All forks can be set between 140mm and 180mm travel with included travel spacers. If needed, travel will be changed before shipping.

    Key Features

    • 37mm stanchions, Reverse Arch design, and Hexlock SL2 axle combined together result in ultimate stiffness
    • Originally developed for the Dorado down-hill fork, the Dorado Air Spring offers ultimate sensitivity featuring a self-equalizing negative air spring. When inflating the fork both the positive and negative air chambers are filled simultaneously equalizing the pressures to create an incredibly supple feel
    • IRT (Infinite Rate Tune) volume adjuster allows control over the mid-stroke support and bottom-out progressivity independent from initial spring rate to independently tune small bump sensitivity and big-hit performance
    • Sealed MC² damper provides a range of blow-off thresholds to satisfy any requirement with separate high-speed and low-speed adjustments. Utilizing a bladder, our new sealed cartridge maintains damping consistency in the most severe riding conditions.
    • 140mm to 180mm internally adjustable travel in 10mm increments (travel spacers included)
    • 27.5” and 29” wheels
    • Integrated flexible fender can be installed/removed by three small screws threaded into the arch of the fork


    • Wheel Size: 27.5" 29"
    • Weight: 2000g (27.5") 2032g (29")
    • Offset: 37/44OS (27.5") 44/51OS (29")
    • Ride Height: 534-574mm (27.5") 554-594mm (29")
    • Travel: 140-180mm Internally adjustable in 10mm increments
    • Spring: Dorado Air w/ IRT
    • Compression Damping: MC2 Sealed Cartridge
    • Rebound Damping: Sealed Cartridge TPC
    • Adjustments: Air, IRT Pressure, Rebound, HS and LS Compression
    • Steerer: 1.5" Tapered
    • Crown: Forged Aluminum, Hollow Bore
    • Leg Diameter: 37mm
    • Leg Material: 7000- Series Butted Wall Aluminum
    • Brake Post Mount: 180mm (223mm Max)
    • Axle: 15mm x 110mm Hexlock
    • Max Tire Size: 69mm w/ Fender 74mm Without
    • Options: Fender Kit
    • E-pac: Yes 44OS 140-180 (27.5") 51OS 140-180mm (29")