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Service & Repair

Whether you need a simple adjustment, a complete rebuild, or suspension work, we have you covered! If you need immediate or rushed service, let us know and we'll do our best to get you back on trail.

Below you'll find a chart of our common service and repairs. If something is not listed, just ask and we'll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

*Most components purchased though us are installed at no cost.

Service Packages

Level 1:

Brake and derailleur adjustments
Spot wheel true
Clean and lubricate chain, cables, & housing
Full bolt & fastener check
Wipe down & wax
$60 + parts

Level 2:

In addition to Level 1:
Remove wheels for true, tension, & dish
Replace cables and housing ($3 per cable, $3/ft housing)
Hub, headset, & bottom bracket bearing preload adjustment
Remove, clean, & regrease cranks/bottom bracket
$100 + parts
Remove/Clean Drivetrain $60

Drivetrain Services

Front / rear derailleur install


Front / rear derailleur adjustment


Shifter install


Replace shift cable ($3 per cable)


Replace cable and housing ($3 per cable, $3/ft housing)


Crankset install


BB install


Cassette / freewheel install


Chain install / sizing

Chainguide install $25

Brake Service

Disc brake install

Disc brake adjust $15
Brake bleed $35
Shorten hose w/o bleed $15
Pad install $10

Handlebar/Stem/Seatpost Services

Dropper post install (non-stealth)

Stealth dropper post install $20
Reverb remote/hose bleed $15
Saddle install $10
Handlebar install $15
Cut handlebars $15
Stem install $10

Fork/Headset Services

Fork install


Cut steerer tube w/ fork on the bike

Cut steerer tube w/ fork off the bike $10
Starnut install $5
Headset removal $15
Headset install $20
Overhaul headset $15
Adjust headset $10

Wheel Services

Wheel build

Wheel build w/ hub, rim, and spoke purchase $60
Wheel true, tension, and dish $10-$35
Spoke replace $10-$35
Hub overhaul $25-$50 + parts
Hub adjustment $15-$30
UST install (tape, valves, and tire) $25
Tube/tire install $15

Bearing service

Replace cartridge bearings (hubs/linkage) 

$5-$15 per bearing

Suspension Services

Fork rebuild (spring, damper, and lowers)

Fork lowers refresh $50
Rear shock air sleeve service $20
Replace DU bushing $10


Hourly rate