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Knolly Cache Steel Frame

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  • Building off the momentum of our Cache Titanium release, we wanted to offer a model in steel. Same craftsmanship and overall features as the Ti but in a material that gives a premium ride with the unique feel and durability of steel. Plus, this Cache delivers the versatility you demand for your every gravel adventure, while still leaving a little in the bank to support your next cycling getaway. 


    When looking at materials, steel was the perfect option for our second gravel grinder. Similar to other substances, all steels are not equivalent and for this model we selected air hardened steel because it’s not only a premium choice, but it’s also malleable so that we could customize and craft the tubing to the exact spec’s we needed. In addition, it’s heat treated to give high strength and durability which means your Cache will deliver for years to come. When in the mountains, it’s compliant nature ensures a comfortable ride for long days in the saddle. Plus, you can load up it knowing that this stable frame can carry heavy loads while still offering a precise and predictable ride.

    All our steel tubes are butted so that the walls are thicker where it’s welded and thinner in the middle. This reduces weight while also ensuring you have the strength needed for welding the tube ends. In addition, we know you’re going to push this bike hard in all weather conditions, so we applied an ED anti-corrosion coating on the interior and exterior of all our tubes. It’s not an industry standard that you’ll find on most bikes, but it’s another detail we’re super proud of.