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Fox Racing Shox

2022 Fox Float X Performance Elite Series OE, 185x55/52.5/50mm Trunnion

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  • $ 400

  • These are brand new shocks that were removed from frames before use.

    Fox Float X Performance Elite Series in 185x55mm trunnion. We can adjust the stroke to 52.5mm and 50mm at no cost by adding the factory stroke spacers.

    The Performance ELITE shocks are identical to the Factory Series but have an anodized black coating instead of the gold Kashima. Everything else is identical! Undercover Pinner Series.

    Description: 2023_22, FLOAT X, P-Se, A, 2pos-Adj, Trunnion, Evol LV, 185, 55, 0.8 Spacer, CL, RL+, Rezi LM, Standard, Neutral Logo