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Fox Racing Shox

2023 Fox Float X2 w/ Climb Switch OE Performance Series, 205x60/62.5/65mm Trunnion

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  • $ 340

  • These are brand new shocks that were removed from frames before use.

    The Performance Series shock has the 2-position climb switch, low speed compression, and low speed rebound adjustments only. There are no high speed damping adjustments on the shock.

    We can adjust the stroke to 57.5mm, 60mm, or 62.5mm at no cost (currently set at 65mm).

    The shock comes with 1 air spacer installed.

    Description: FLOAT X2, P-S, A, 2pos-Adj, Trunnion, 205, 65, 0.3 Spacer x1, CL001, RF, Rezi CM, Standard, Neutral Logo