Banshee Darkside frame

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  • 26" wheels: 135x10mm, 142x12mm, 150x12mm
  • 27.5" wheels: 142x12mm, 150x12mm

Free Banshee Monroe headset! Compatible with 1.125" straight and 1.5" tapered steerer tubes.

The Ultimate Bikepark Shredder

Keith on Darkside

Named after a local DH trail network, I designed the Darkside to be the bike I always personally wanted for  tearing up the Whistler bike park, where I am lucky enough to ride most summers. It is the ultimate park bike. I've waited a few years to be able to design this bike, but good things come to those who wait!

I wanted a bike that first and foremost was fun and confidence inspiring to ride. But confidence for most people comes from stability, whereas fun generally comes from a nimble feel, so it is not as easy to achieve both as you might think. It took a lot of work, trial and error, and well... fun, to dial in the frame geometry and ride characteristics, but I am incredibly happy with the result.

I designed the Darkside linkage to have a predictable but lively feel, similar to what you might get from a well-designed single pivot design, but with all the benefits that come from using the KS Link virtual pivot system. The benefits of this linkage over a single pivot are that it offers optimised active braking, tuneable leverage curve, increased lateral stiffness, improved axle path and direct actuation of the rear shock to reduce DU bushing rotation and friction. So you end up with very supple suspension at the start of the travel, which ramps up to give a nice bottomless feel towards end of travel while tracking and carrying speed well, and minimising pedal feedback throughout.

The short chainstays on the Darkside really make the bike feel lively, easy to manual, and results in a bike that is eager to whip, boost or scrub off jumps with style and control. When combined with the linkage you can brake later, carry speed better, pop off lips and obstacles and land big hits with confidence. Add to this that the Darkside has a fairly long front centre, reach and slack head angle and you have a bike that is lively and playful when you hang off the back, but a high speed race ready machine when you get into a forward attack position.

In my eyes this makes the Darkside a perfect park bike / playful DH race bike that will elevate your riding to the next level of style and see you charging hard down steep technical section with confidence... and most of all, it will put a huge grin on your face.

Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Travel 180mm of KS-Link suspension optimised for playful DH / park riding
Short Chainstays
16.5" chainstays make the Darkside really easy to manual, whip and scrub, as well as rail round corners.
Progressive leverage curve
Optimised to get DH race levels of traction with a fun poppy and bottomless feel.
Taper Headtube 44mm ¦ 56mm   (1.125" zero stack top, 1.5" zero stack bottom) allows angle sets and tapered forks
Hydroformed 7005 AL tubes Increases strength and stiffness, and reduces weight
Splined ISCG2005 Latest standard in ISCG for chainguide mounting with a splined interface to give infinite adjustibility.
Integrated fork bumpers
We have worked with ODI to offer interchangeable fork bumpers that protect your frame and fork during a crash.
Pedal neutral linkage
The suspension linkage has been optimised to result in minimal pedal kickback for a fun neutral feel
Internal ribbed stays Increase stiffness for railing berms and holding lines through the roughest of trail sections, and boosting acceleration
Aggressive geometry Slack angles, short chainstay, long front centre... all adds up to fun at speed
Tire Clearance 26 x 2.5 or 650b x 2.5 (with 650b dropouts)
INA Bearing pivots Fully sealed high quality bearings throughout
KS Link pivot system
Optimised suspension kinematics for a fast, nimble, agressive and fun ride
Warranty 2 years [original owner]
Crash replacement Lifetime [original owner]